Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well finally I'm posting a photo of my socks...I've got both of them about 1/2 way done.  I was going to use the pattern "Brainless" but decided I didn't like the long thin cables nor the way the pattern outlines the gusset stitches.  After seeing Elizabeth's sock cuff, I feel in love with her cable pattern and am using that on the cuff of these socks.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sock fatigue?

Last week I was just about ready to turn the heel on purple sock #1 when I spotted a cable that had been crossed 1 row too soon. It bothered me too much to leave it there, so I had to rip out 3 inches of otherwise perfectly good knitting. So now we're almost two thirds of the way through the month, and sock #1 is still in progress. It may be done tonight, most definitely by tomorrow. That means sock #2 will be a desperation knit. . . could I be rebelling against the self-inflicted pressure of staying on schedule?

The yarn is wonderful. The pattern is wonderful. Why, oh why, do I think I want to be knitting a red sweater instead?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Purple Haze

It seems the sock malaise has passed. I am loving the May sock! I am loving the May yarn. I look forward all day to the time when I get to pick these up again.

Theme of the month is cables. I chose a pattern I've been looking at for years, Brainylady's Basic Cabled Socks. They're coming out just right, and with 7 plain rows to every cable row, they move fast. The 2 x2 ribbing between the cables really pulls in, so I'm constantly having second thoughts and thinking about ripping out and casting on 8 more stitches, but when I try it over the very broad ball of my larger foot, it's fine, so I'm trying to stay calm.

The yarn is Dream in Color's Smooshy; the color is Visual Purple. I'm already thinking about what yarn to use for the next pair of these.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 31

The Woolen Rabbit Harmony sock yarn, colorway morning glory

That's all I needed -- just one more day. After the third time I fell asleep over this sock last night, just 11 rows shy of the toe decreases, I knew it was time to admit that it wasn't going to get done. So I decided I'd just mess with the calendar instead! Dilemma resolved.

They're pretty, pretty socks (wish I could make the green show up), and I will like them, but something about the knitting just did not grab me. I would knit anything rather than pick them up -- half a baby blanket, 3 new scarves started, 4 afghan blocks. . .

OK, May is going to be better. When it starts. Tomorrow, right?


Our May socks are to have a cable in them and I needed a yarn that wasn't so dark you couldn't see the cables.  This is Fleece Artist Sea Wool,  a blend of wool and seacell.  Seacell is a textile fiber created from seaweed.  It's suppose to have properties that make it breathe and pull moisture away from you skin.  These socks should be good for the ol' feet....

I saw this bit of sunshine on my kitchen counter and plopped the skien down there to photograph it.  The left side was in complete I grabbed our white toaster and placed it just out of the picture on the left and what a great job it did lighting the scene!

April SOM finished

I finished my April socks last night, just in time for the new month.

These socks are knit in Malabrigo Sock Yarn. They are the softest socks I own, they were a pleasure to knit, the yarn just floats through your fingers. My concern is that they are so soft that they won't hold up to hard wearing but we won't know that till next winter. This color of blue is amazing, a vast array of colors all in this blue colorway.

I'm modeling these socks myself. I'm tired of laying them down flat or hanging them from a shrub in the yard. I need a sock model, my favorite one is in college a long way from I rolled up my jeans, slipped on the new socks and took photos of me. It wasn't easy but I'm up to the challenge!