Monday, November 25, 2013

one for every letter of the alphabet

If you refer back to this post, you'll see that we made two promises at the beginning of 2013. We didn't do too well on "post more often." But we did complete the "13 in '13" promise, making a baker's dozen of hats apiece for Hats for the Homeless in New York, and that one's way more important. And we finished early, which really amazed us! All hats were made from yarn we already had in our extensive collections.

Ten days ago, we got together midway between our houses for a photo shoot and packing session. Each of us brought our 13 hats and gift tags. Pat brought the camera; I brought boxes and tape and Sharpies. Here's what happened:

Displaying photo.JPG

Displaying photo.JPG

After our very patient models put up with our photo session, where we laid them down on all sorts of cold surfaces, we repaired to a friendly local Starbucks to add tags and box them up (the tape dispenser was L-O-U-D -- sorry, everybody). It turns out there's a post office just a block away, so the boxes hit the road immediately.

Now Hats for the Homeless in New York has 26 more hats for their annual gift giving (in addition to the gifts of meals they give year round), the weekend before Christmas. They don't take monetary contributions, but there's still time to knit or crochet a hat -- the address is:

Hats for the Homeless
905 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Maybe just one more. . .