Thursday, September 21, 2017

Three things on Thursday: me too

Dear Pat,

I love being able to stop the list after just 3 things!
(1) Weave in the ends -- 2 ends, and it's been waiting for a month -- on the red alpaca cowl and block it. 
(2) Gather everything I need for Knitters' Day Out and put it all in one tote. 
(3) Finish one pair of thick woolly New England-y socks for the giveaway box. 

I can do this!

Three Things on Thursday

Dear Elizabeth,

We both knew we could excel at doing three things!  You did excel, didn't you?  I'm jazzed.  I ran, I photographed my lists and I finished a seaman's hat.  I've been sticking my old lists in a box for 10 years.  It was fun to look at all the stuff that's piled up in the box.  I've chosen a random selection of list to travel around with me, prepared for any photo op.  Anyone know where I can find a puddle?

I didn't turn around and start another hat, I'm going to finish something else first, I'm on a roll.  I'm going to dive into my basket of half-knit projects and finish another something (insert jazz hands here).  After I clear out that basket and finish up my fall sweater, I'll start new things.

OK, so my three things for the next week - 9-21-2017:
  • Wash, block, photograph the stack of finished knitting items that are cluttering up the laundry room shelf.  I don't want to push too hard but it would be nice to post the pics on Ravelry... we shall see!
  • Try the time lapse setting on my camera.  Let me say here, that I had taken notes on how to do the time lapse but they were on the back of my latest list and somehow that list is now MIA.  It could be in with all it's list-y friends or it could be under something on my work table.  Who knows, where will this story end, will there be happiness?
  • Do at least four pages in my class sketch book - I'm WAY behind in sketching.

Thanks for the inspiration.  What a great week.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Three Things on Thursday....

OK, I've been busy and busier this summer and stuff has slipped through the cracks.  I'm going to do this list thing, I'm a list maker from WAY back!
My three things for the next week - 9-14-2017:

  • Photograph my box of old used up lists - don't just take the darn pictures but process them and put them out on the web where everyone can see my infinite craziness.
  • Run - fours days this week not just three.  And don't do it in mindless cruise mode but really hit the pavement hard.  No, "I'm over 60" excuse!
  • Put down the iPad and pick up the Knitting.  Finish one thing in the next seven days.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Three things on Thursday

(Yeah, I know it's Friday. I forgot to hit Publish.)

I saw this idea on She Shoots Sheep Shots and it resonates with me.

My three things:

1. Find the  yarn for the fingerless mitts I need to finish.
2. Work 30 minutes on secret project code-named Big Blue.
3. Find a new recipe to try.

Pat, want to play?