Saturday, February 16, 2013

Elizabeth's January hat

This hat was finished midway through January, but I kept trying to think of a clever way to photograph it. (Pat's photo skills keep me intimidated, let me tell you!) Finally I decided that the old iPad photo on a pillow would have to do:

This is the hat pattern I keep in my head, and it's really useful if you have not quite enough to make a whole hat, but too much to throw away. I had two colors of Encore, charcoal gray and light gray, that worked well together. Cast on 88 and rib for -- a while. This time I did 5 inches, and I wish I'd made it 6; I like a deeper cuff when it's folded over. You could also use a little bit left over and just rib for 2 inches, then complete the hat beanie style. Then you switch to your other color and work in stockinette for -- a while. I tried it on my (admittedly large) own head, and started decreasing when it seemed plausible. Here's what it looks like opened up:

I am writing the pattern up a little more formally, and will post it here soon. This is the first one in the box where I will be keeping my hats for our Baker's Dozen in 2013 project.

first crocus

I missed the first snowdrops, but these are definitely the first crocuses:

Although I truly like winter, much of it here in southeastern Pennsylvania looks like the lovely brown and gray surrounding these flowers, so those first pops of color are really welcome.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pat's January Hat

Elizabeth and I are knitting 13 hats in 2013.  We think we will donate them to the homeless in NYC but we will decide for sure by the end of the year after we've had time to consider all the options.

This is my January hat...I had to go to South Carolina unexpectedly at the beginning of the month and on my way out the door I tossed this yarn and size 7 needles in my knitting bag.  It's lucky I did as within a few days I needed a new knitting project.  I texted Elizabeth, describing yarn and needles, and she sent me back a very cryptic pattern.  Viola!  Thanks to Elizabeth, I've finished my first hat in 2013.