Saturday, April 29, 2017

The last of April

Dear Elizabeth,

Is the month really over; are we headed into summer? I've seen a hummingbird and a scarlet tanager in the trees.  I've been to a yard sale and have been out running (slowly) on my favorite trail for a grand total of 40 miles this month.  All signs that say summer is near!  I do love summer time.

I'd forgotten how fun cables are to knit.  I loved this project challenge (what are we calling this year).  I started with two old, off-white skeins of Filatura di Crosa 501 (137 yds in 50 gr.), size six needles and the Adrian hat pattern.  Using well-aged yarn is so satisfying especially "attic cured" natural fibers.  I changed the pattern to one large cable instead of two, I didn't want to hat to be terribly long with this yarn as it wasn't going to slouch in that pleasing way that the sockhead hat does.  I don't think anyone wants a hat sticking up off their head, cone-head style.  I'm pleased with this as a beanie.  I think Glass Head looks terrific modeling it!

I love that the designer didn't use cables in the traditional Paton's in the 70's sort of way but instead scattered a few around the hat.  Balancing the large cable with a smaller one.  Really fun to knit even though you have to follow the pattern row by row.  Not, as we both know, my forte.

So what are we doing in May?  It's your turn, right??  Don't use up all the good challenges.  I'll be beaching it with college buds for two weeks in May so let's do something easy... just sayin' I might not get that much knitting done ;-}

P.S. I only have one more project to rip out and skein... and that's it, only things I'm actively knitting on in my project basket.

Friday, April 21, 2017

spring colors

What was I thinking when I decided it would be a good idea to blog with a friend who is a master photographer? and me with my phone camera. . .

Pat, how I loved that last post. I remember when you started that Barn Raising project. It has been a while! And I have to get one of those twig balls. I have been entertaining myself by hanging bits of yarn on the Rose of Sharon tree in my front garden, just by the porch. I hang up 15 or 20 strands, then sit back and watch the birds (sparrows, mostly, but I still hope for something more exotic) snap them up. At least one has learned to grab three pieces at once -- watching her (him? I make the sexist assumption that this very competent bird is a she) fold them up tightly so that no edges are flapping reminds me of someone who is truly adept at eating spaghetti.

Here is what I have been doing lately. I have 3 or 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden Sock. This pattern is perfect. You knit it flat, as a scarf, and then sew together to make a cowl. It takes just one ball. I read through the notes on Ravelry before I started, and someone suggested starting with the first complete triangle, not the half-triangle that squares off the end of the scarf. So when you end, you seam the triangles together and if you do it right there's no sign of beginning or end. This one is done now (in the Christmas present box!) and I've started another. This time I used a provisional cast-on and will graft beginning and end together to make it even less visible where the ends are joined. Perfect mindless knitting in yarn that makes you look smart!

Oh, right. It has nothing whatsoever to do with this month's assignment. . .

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bird's Nests!!

I just had to write.  I hung the ivy ball less than an hour before I took these photos.  I had all the yarn tucked in.  Look  at the way the birds pulled the yarn out of the ball.  I think there will be yarn in lots of birds nests around the yard.  Exciting!!

P.S. I'm trying to get a photo of the bird on the ball!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

April and feeling foolish

Dear Elizabeth,
© Armenuhi Khachatryan
I didn't get any cable knitting done last month and look I'm posting this note a week late, what is wrong with us?  Is it the warmth of spring, have we set down our knitting needles to go outside?  I did spend a lovely week in the Florida Keys and it really was nice a warm there.  Let's not hang our heads, let's look forward to what comes next!

Our challenge for this month has to be finish cabling something from last month!  I've chosen to knit the Adrian hat.  (I grabbed this photo off Ravelry)

While doing our March assignment, I want you to ponder and answer this question.  What else do you do with your yarn, other than knitting it into amazing things?  I've been saving all my wool yarn-ends and stuffing them in a vine ball.  I'm going to hang it outside this weekend so the birds can line their nests with soft, all-natural fibers.  Supposedly, I will be able to go look around the yard and see my yarn in birds nests.  I will report back by the end of the summer if this works out... or not!

 I'm carrying knitted squares for a barn raising quilt with me when I travel.  They are small and mindless, perfect for travel.  Do you recognize any of the blocks?  Yes, I'm using your left-over sock yarn as well as mine.  I need 9 more to make this project a baby blanket or LOTS more to make this a full size, adult throw.  I've blocked some of the squares, they still curl like mad so I decided not to waste that time.  I'm thinking I should start sewing some of them together.  I think about sewing them together and then I just walk away knowing it will be difficult and a lot of work... this may call for a knitting intervention.  I'll call if things look dire, I know I have enough wine for us...

Thursday, April 6, 2017

With hanging head

I confess. I did not finish the March challenge. The yarn for the pattern I really wanted to tackle arrived March 28 so not a chance. The bulky hat I cast on (yup, I can predict the future) is not yet done. Sigh.