Friday, April 26, 2013

April Hat

It's April and I'm from the South, where it's spring time now.  OK, flowers are blooming here but where's the warm weather?  I'm sitting here at the kitchen counter, writing you while wearing a sweatshirt.  Beyond the obvious ( I'm not wearing a hand-knit sweater) what's wrong with this's cold out, sunny, things in bloom but FLIPPING cold outside!  Enough said.

The April hat for our 13 hats in 13 is from a print pattern that I've knit a few times.  I really like it, it's cute.  I've used left-over Noro yarns to make it.  It will keep someone's ears nice and warm.  No I don't remember the name of the pattern but if you really want it let me know and I will dig it out and find it on Rav.

March Hat

Note to self: Publish your hats when you finish them!!  Don't wait till your four long, cold, dreary, winter months behind...don't be so darn foolish.

OK, here's my March Hat for our 13 hats in 2013 project.  Yes, Elizabeth, I'm still knitting my hats!

This hat started out life as one of those scrunchy hats the kids are wearing now...but soon I made "adjustments" to the pattern.  Yep, thinking for myself is a long shot, design/knit without pattern, without a swatch, without writing anything down is a bad idea.  I glanced at several patterns, made some mental adjustments and started knitting.  Anyhow this one isn't really scrunchy but it's warm and it's a hat!  It looks cute on Glass Head...I  guess it's OK but I'm not in love with it, fair enough?

BTW, how do you get the text and the pics the blog entry looks cuter?

February Hat

Yep, I'm making up for lost posting time today!

Here's my February Hat...made with mystery yarn from some mystery sheep on some mystery farm.  The yarn still had a bit of the farm in it as I knit but once soaked in hair conditioner and washed with wool wash it fluffed up and became really nice and soft.  I made it using Elizabeth's standard worsted weight hat pattern.  That is text E, tell her that you have size 7 needles and some worsted weight-ish yarn, that you are on your way to Syracuse and you need to knit, you need her help, you need a really simple hat pattern...wait a bit and voila, she sends you the number of stitches to cast on, rib pattern, and depth.  From there I added 10% more stitches when I switched to stockinette and knit for 8" or so, decreased (again following dear E's excellent advice) and cast off.  End of story.

A4A Mittens

Wow, I haven't written ANYTHING since January.  Color me, embarassed!

Here's my donation to the current A4A campaign.  Going to send these off as soon as you've seen them.  They were all knit from the same skein of Ella Rae yarn.  Yes, they do all look different...who knew.  I used Elizabeth's Mitten Pattern.  Should be everyone's go to mitten by now!