Sunday, September 19, 2010

for amber waves of grain

by Elizabeth*-

It's beautiful yarn -- when the sun strikes it just right, my brain immediately leaps to "O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain. . ." It's a lace pattern I really enjoy, and will use again. But -- the yarn and the pattern are not a good match. I will continue, because I think they'll look good when done (predicting a finish after, not by, September 30), but in future will remember that Socks That Rock medium weight is much happier with a simple rib.

There's a chance, as well, that I may be suffering from sock fatigue. In the last two weeks alone, I've finished one hat (colors are deeper and richer in person; will try another photo later when it's cloudy):

cast on another (no picture yet), started a feather-and-fan scarf in sock yarn:

designed and test knit the next 10-inch block for a monthly series I'm publishing on the Stash Knitdown group on Ravelry (secret until October 1), made a pair of mittens, started another, and almost finished my hat for Knitters' Day Out (a good thing, since KDO is imminent).

Oh, and prepared a class on 3 styles of garter stitch afghan blocks for Knitter's Day Out.

So, yes, I've been knitting, but the socks are not speaking to me. . . I feel so guilty all of a sudden that I think I'll run downstairs and give them some attention.

* I added my name, because if you're reading in a blog reader, the author name shows; if you're not, there's no way to tell whether Pat or I is the one who's speaking. So, blogreader people, you will now know twice! But at least other readers won't have to guess. (I wouldn't want anyone to think Pat was quite so unfocused as the writer in this post!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Socks

Look at this pretty yarn!!

I'm really looking forward to knitting with this soft yarn.  We're knitting lace in September...which I don't really enjoy but with this yarn it should a pleasure.

July's Socks

I finally finished my A4A socks for July.  They were easy and I have no excuse for not finishing them sooner.  I've completely missed August knitting, I'll try to make up for that this fall.

Does the Adirondack chair look welcoming?  If so come by sometime and sit and knit with me!

I did finish a corkscrew tassel hat for Knitters Day Out.  They ask that everyone donate a hat to keep kids warm.

I also finished a garter stitch scarf made in company colors for a co-worker.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rocky Road

Is it really September already? The topic for September is lace -- not my favorite, so I've found a stitch pattern that's kind of tailored. At least as lace goes. You will see it soon. Although it's a color I never wear and rarely respond to, I fell hopelessly in love with this skein of Socks that Rock. Worn on my feet it shouldn't be too bad:

The rich, deep golds just feel like September.

Yarn posed for its portrait in the amazing boulder field at Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania:

This picture shows just a small piece of the whole thing.