Tuesday, June 10, 2014

uh oh

Yes, my production is falling way off schedule. In June we were supposed to knit adult mittens for the Maine mitten project, and in July the target was teens.

As always, I have an excuse. . . afghans for Afghans currently has two projects going. One is the June Baby Shower--just one month to collect tiny socks and hats (wool) for children aged birth to one year.  And there's another to gather hats, socks, and mittens to fit sizes for age 7 years on up to adult. The due date for those is currently listed as July 3.

We can get things to Afghanistan two or three times a year (if we're lucky). I can get things to Maine in two days, all year round. So Maine -- I will be back! And I'll knit double for you starting right after the A4A deadline. (And it still won't be cold, so I don't feel too neglectful.) Meanwhile, I need to take advantage of the chance to get things halfway around the world to another place where they are badly needed, and they'll get there before winter.