Friday, November 23, 2012


I've been having fun with Knitting Pure and Simple's topdown kids' sweater (you can purchase the pattern at your favorite shop, or online through Patternfish -- oh, how I love and fear Patternfish!). It calls for a gauge of 4 sts/inch (16 sts/10cm), which is perfect for my beloved Bartlett and Peace Fleece yarns. Of which, it comes as no surprise, I have quite a bit. I discovered that the two smallest sizes can be made using just 3 skeins of those yarns. I've started with the colors I have three skeins of, for solid-colored sweaters. When I run out of those, I will start making stripes -- of course, that will interrupt the mindlessness of the project, but not catastrophically.

Peace Fleece, Brenda's Purple -- it's more a classic purple crayon color in reality; size 6-8 Peruvian Highland Chunky, color may be Harvest Heather; size 2-4
These two are destined for a Lakota reservation in South Dakota, where they will keep someone's little one a little more comfortable this winter. (Not enough -- it's never enough -- but it's something.) The next two or three will go up to Maine, with the same goal.

I told Pat that these sweaters are so tranquilizing -- kind of like sucking your thumb. She immediately christened them "thumbsuckers," which sounds vaguely vulgar to me, but the name has stuck. You will be seeing quite a few of these around these parts as we move into cooler weather!

Monday, November 12, 2012

A4A quick campaign

Pat and I are long-time supporters of Afghans for Afghans. These things head out tomorrow
for their quick November campaign:

The red mittens you've seen before; I knit them because I felt like knitting something with cables, and now they've found where they're supposed to go. The blue socks are Bartlett's Maine wool in colors Blue Loch Heather and Thistle; the mittens with stripes are a double strand of Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool, with contrast stripes in a double strand of Paton's Classic Wool.

Information on the current, brief campaign for hats, mittens, and socks may be found here.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

cold weather is here

It is cold here -- I heard someone mutter about possible snow this week! -- and it is colder up north. So these things are boxed up and will head off to Nest: Maine tomorrow morning:

Left to right: Peace Fleece mittens in Siberian Midnight (discontinued) and Moscow Magic; double-stranded mittens using Lion Brand Fisherman's wool and Paton's Classic; small red mittens made with Briggs & Little wool; socks using one strand Lion Brand Fisherman's wool, 1 strand variegated aqua Kroy sock yarn; striped hat from miscellaneous scraps (100% wool); red waffle hat from Lamb's Pride worsted (85% wool, 15% mohair), possibly color Medieval Red; purple wool blend hat made from anonymous (meaning I don't have the ball band) yarn obtained from Elann quite some time ago.