Monday, October 6, 2014

Half a dozen is better than none

We've had frost here the last two mornings, uncharacteristically early in the season. If it's that cold here, it seems unlikely that it's warmer 400 miles north of here, so these mittens set off in a box this afternoon:

All from stash yarn. The color is a little washed out -- the second from right is actually a rich rust, not pink at all. From left to right: red Bartlett yarn;  Lorna's Laces DK millends (ca. 2001) held double; 3 pairs in a row of Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool, now a thing of the past (sigh); and 1 strand red and 1 strand blue held together of something from Knitpicks, also acquired a long time ago.

I had hoped to send twice as many pairs, but . . . so much more knitting than time! Winter is hardly over, and if I finish the pairs currently in progress, there will be another small box quite soon. The Maine Mitten Project does such good work. 

I've just cast on a pair bigger than I usually make for some big guy who's having a rough year and never gets anything that fits.