Friday, October 18, 2013

Yeah, It's Been Awhile...

The last time I posted was May, blogging isn't my strong suit.  Don't worry I have been knitting!  I haven't been working on the 13 in 2013 project as diligently as I should have but I've got two hats to post about today and another that's nearly done (in only four and half months...) Where does the time go!?!  I've put all other knitting in a holding pattern until I get my last 5 hats finished; completely knit, blocked, photo'd and blogged.  It's a hard decision to make but I'll get 'em done and be back to my regular knitting feeling like a new person...well, maybe not new but special...maybe not special but get the idea.

Hat number 6 (but who's counting) is a standard, folded brim hat.  It's super warm, made of wool, functional and should appeal to most anyone who is cold and needs a hat.

Hat number 7 is a beanie.  Most of the young guys in my life really like beanies, I assume that folks that are down on their luck and living rough might enjoy a beanie too BUT I don't think they keep you anywhere near as warm.  You can't pull that brim down further on a cold night and cover more of your ears or your forehead... it worries me so I don't make a lot of these to donate to folks.  That's just my thinking on the matter of the beanie.  They take but a few evenings to make and so are really quick.  Ah, the pluses and minuses...

Finally, I know you all must be wondering where Glass Head lives when he's not being carted around the yard, modeling hats for me.  So, I've include this photo of the side table in my living room.  Glass Head happily resides on the far end of the couch, sporting my latest knit creation and keeping me company when I read.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This may not be exactly how I thought my sister would wear her new hat:

I had so much fun making this -- the yarn is Malabrigo worsted, color Glazed Carrot (the most perfectly named yarn ever). Cell phone photo in not-the-best light does not do it justice. The pattern is here on Ravelry, and a good tutorial on intarsia in the round is here (I tried a bunch, and this one worked best). 

The face is a little bit scrunched up because my yarn worked at 5 sts/inch rather than 4 sts/inch -- but all pumpkins are different anyway.