Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Socks

It's such a shock to realize that June is coming to a close...I don't know what I've done with this month.  Our June socks were suppose to say "Summer" and mine do, in a round about way.  I knit this pair of socks for A4A as I just don't wear socks in the summer...summer to me means sandals and easy living.  These are knit from Norwegian sport weight yarn, they were fast and easy...just like my summer!

At first I photographed these socks flat, on sock blockers, laying on an old stump but they seemed pretty lifeless to me.

So I pulled out my tripod and shoot them on my feet, while I sat on the steps...I am not a sock model!

but I got more confident as the shoot went on and now I feel that if any of you need a sock model...give me a shout, I'll work for yarn!


  1. Those are summery in a way - I saw skies that colour while in Utah and Idaho last weekend!

  2. Please come and model socks for me anytime you want!

  3. I adore the way you modeled these blue socks in the photo where your feet are "hugging" each other!