Monday, December 2, 2013

use it up

I have a lot of yarn. I like to make mittens. The combination works.

Here's what you can do with those sock yarn leftovers, or the single 50-g skein you found in the sale bin (or, mysteriously, unaccompanied in your house). By joining a strand of sock yarn with a strand of worsted, you get a slightly thicker yarn, slightly thicker mitten, and slightly faster knit -- and a mitten that is much more interesting.

My favorites so far are the bright blue with rainbow flecks over there on the right.

I am using my basic mitten pattern, available here. I follow the one that starts with a cast-on of 32 stitches and get a size that fits a medium-to-large large woman's hand. Use one needle size larger than you'd use if you were knitting with the worsted alone.

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  1. I have been experimenting along the same lines and loving the tweedy surprises that come from those pairing of yarns. Recently I used up oddments of lace-weight and sock-weight alpaca with a donated wool that was a rather unappealing shade of tan. It's amazing how much the soft alpaca strand transforms the feel of the rugged worsted wool. I also love experiments with laceweight mohair and plan to try more.