Saturday, March 29, 2014

Three Colors and Three Things

March is coming to a close.  I  love the phrase "in like a lion, out like a lamb" but this month we've gotten all lion with no lamb.  It's pouring down rain today and the best the weatherman could say is that it's not snow!  Enough said about the weather.

I knit three hats all in worsted weight wool.  Three different colors and two different styles, two regular roll brim (keep those ears warm hats) and one beanie because my kids tell me "everyone" wants a beanie.  I love knitting hats as they are small, portable projects just big enough to keep you going for a short while very mindlessly.  In the winter here, in NYC and in Maine you need a hat to keep you warm.  Don't ask for the pattern as they are just plain knitting without instructions.  Size 7 needles, cast on 80-some stitches and knit till it's deep enough... cast-off by dividing the stitches by a number and knitting two together till you have the top of a hat.

Thanks again to Glass Head for modeling so patiently!

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