Thursday, October 1, 2015

What I did this summer

I have a lot of yarn.

I started a project to work through the many, many single skeins in my stash.

And all of these things went off to Maine this week to help keep homeless teens just a little warmer.


  1. What a lot of knitting -- great job! It was so nice to see you at KDO! :)

  2. This spring and summer I knit 60 pairs of mittens using your mitten pattern for Afghans. It's the clearest, most user-friendly mitten pattern I've found, and I recommend it to anyone who's interested. The 60 pairs of mittens are going to the Knitting for Neighbors project in Virginia. Mittens, hats, and scarves will be distributed in SW Virginia and Richmond. Many, many thanks for sharing this pattern!