Friday, June 9, 2017

Sorry I'm Late!

Dear Elizabeth,
I had a wonderful time on the Outer Banks, not a lot of knitting time with 23 friends and family around!  I did cast-on a Churchmouse Thinking Cap which is all knit, all the time!

I've knit to the welt, which is 7" of mindless around and around knitting on lace weight yarn.  As it's on somewhere north of 150 stitches, this hat has almost as many stitches as a full-size sweater.  I'm knitting this hat for Chuck, my favorite sailor.  He lost his knit watch cap this spring and I know he will love this one and it will keep him warm, even if he falls in cold water.

Please note that I used a CCTV lens on my good camera for these shots.  Yes, I took a very expensive camera and put a "toy" lens on it and dumbed it down but I just love the random effects you get when you use crazy stuff!  And I love the feeling of old-time photography, figuring out the exposure, hold the camera steady and really thinking about a picture.

I have to admit, I have no idea what our June challenge should be... I'm hopeless!  How about getting together this month, that's challenging enough for the two of us.
Love, Pat

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