Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Green Socks...Finished!

Hi All,
I finished my Green, January socks. I worked in the tails last n
ight and photographed them today. They still need to be washed and blocked but I was so excited that I had to post my finished socks. This pair was as plain as I could make them. I used my standard toe-up sock pattern (Pat Shorten, "Topsy Turvy: Toe Up Socks!, Cast On, Summer 2003, p. 69). This pattern came to life after I knit up several pairs of Kim Salzar's great pattern. I started making slight changes to make me happy and then I taught a class and had to write up the pattern.

I've included a detail of the figure-of-eight toe:

(I've stuffed the toe with a wash tag to get it to look "normal")

The turned heel:

(That's a lacrosse ball filling out my heel...I do long for a human foot...)

Finally, I used Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind-off, recommended by Cat Bordhi in her YouTube video. Sorry EZ but I will NEVER go back to the sewn cast-off, it's stretchy but not nearly so perfect as Jeny's bind-off!

Well it's time to wash, block and wear these puppies...Yeah, for hand knit socks!!

Guess what color we choose for February...Pat


  1. Who knew Pat was so competitive? My goodness! Not to worry -- January is not over yet. And in my defense, my feet are bigger (poor planning, that) and each of my rows is 4 stitches longer. . .

  2. Pat, we need to get you some sock blockers! Love the green socks!