Saturday, April 10, 2010

Morning glory

For April's blue socks, I finally chose the yarn from The Woolen Rabbit. The colorway is called Morning Glory (not currently available on her web site) -- I'd say the blue is more like hydrangeas, but both are lovely, so that's not a problem! I'm finding this yarn impossible to photograph -- there are brief intervals of green in it that just don't show up. They're the same value as the blue, and with a blue rather than yellow tint, so the color is defeating me. I will persevere and eventually post a picture that shows reality. (Obviously, I should fool around with the background.) Meanwhile, here's what the sock will look like (it's already several inches longer, though):

The pattern was immortalized in the early days of the Socknitters group on Yahoo as the blueberry waffle socks, but it's a pretty basic rib.

I started (because I like to) with 8 rounds of k1, p1 ribbing, and then began the pattern:

rounds 1 and 2: *k2, p2* around
rounds 3 and 4: k all stitches

If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll continue the pattern down the instep after the heel turn, but I may just need the feel of the open road (ie, speedy stockinette) by then.

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  1. I love the colour - so pretty. And like the sound of the pattern too, nice and easy!