Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot Dog...I finished my socks!

Please tell me you can see the color similarity between hot dogs and my socks...these hot dogs are fresh out of the freezer and are the upscale, all beef variety, stretch your mind and think about fairground dogs, floating around in a vat of greasy water, come on you know the ones.  Having an "ah ha" moment?  Want to admit that I was right?

I'm glad I finished these socks and I will find a family member to wear them but they are too thick for me.  I am a bit disappointed with Socks the Rock yarn.  I have a skein of the thinner STR and I will try that but the colors pooled and weren't outstanding not what you expect from high end yarns.


  1. Hot Dog socks? Love them! I've never used STR yarn so have nothing to compare them with, but I actually quite like the way they've pooled.

  2. Do you have STR in the UK? If not I'm headed to England this summer for a couple of weeks and would be happy to bring you a skein or two!