Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 1

The first day of the month clearly has good energy for me!! I finished my fifth pair for the current afghans for Afghans campaign on Sunday, August 1:

This pair was also made holding two strands of sock yarn together -- as friends and relatives know, I have way too much sock yarn, and this uses it up faster. It also makes a soft, cushy sock. Both yarns were green/blue mixes; the darker one is a vintage Opal (ca 1999); the lighter one is a Meilenweit tweed.

I don't need to ask for a bending of the rules this time, because I finished a qualifying pair in July, but these are still headed out to California today to get into a box for the long ride to Afghanistan.

August's assignment is "wild card." I'll post mine later -- the sun is wrong for pictures right now.


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