Friday, August 6, 2010

a sock of a different color

August is our first Wild Card month. That means, except for the ground-level requirement to knit a pair of socks, there are no specific guidelines. I knew what I wanted to make -- but I could only find one of the two skeins of yarn that pair required. In the course of my wild search, however, I unearthed these:

The blue, green, and white sock (much prettier in person; I'll get a better picture) was put aside in fall 2008 to make room for Christmas. It was and still is one of my favorites -- it's pure Maine winter. The brick red sock (color on that one is exactly right) -- well, this is embarrassing, but I don't even remember this sock! I think it was sometime in 2009.

For my wild card "pair," I will finish blue sock #1 (red sock #1 was finished last night) and knit the second sock of each pair. That actually requires a little more than a pair's worth of knitting, but August has a bit of sitting-around time built in, so I am optimistic.

And, in the interest of making life difficult, two nights ago I cast on a new pair of mittens.

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