Monday, October 18, 2010

We interrupt this program

Well, the whole project is supposed to be fun. In the interest of depressurizing, we have agreed to give ourselves the month of October off. The category was "wild card," so it's not as if we're dodging an unpleasant assignment, after all. That gives me time to finish the September socks and knit some more mittens, and Pat time to work on some things for Afghans for Afghans. (I'll still make those socks I showed you the yarn for; they just won't be done by Halloween.)

While I've been busy not finishing socks, I, too, have been knitting other stuff -- mailed 3 pairs of mittens to A4A last week, and have 2 pairs finished and 2 pairs in progress right now. Here's ocular proof -- stripes by Pat, green by me:

We've also decided to knit a couple of hats apiece (and some other friends are joining us) for this group. We're not far from New York, so are well acquainted with how cold and damp it can be outside during the winter.

And there's Christmas knitting, and unfinished projects, and more A4A, and both of us are aiming to complete sweaters for ourselves this year. . .

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