Friday, February 17, 2012

January scarf

Well, yeah, the "January" scarf is not quite done. Almost, though. . .

It is a lovely, rich shade of purple, and I have struggled to photograph it. If you average out these two in-progress photos, you'll be close:

The yarn escaped from its ball band long ago, but I suspect it may be Araucania Ranco. The pattern is Summer Wind (that's a Ravelry link, so if you're not on Ravelry, I don't think it will work). Beautifully written, and I will make it again. I expect to finish this cowl this weekend and will then struggle some more with photographing purple to show it to you in its final glory.


  1. A long scarf in fingering weight does take a while...

  2. Karen Frisa, I would love to be able to write back to you! If willing, you could contact me through Ravelry, where I am BadInfluence.

  3. Hi E -- I usually check back here to see if you've replied to my comments, though this time it took me longer (deadlines plus Stitches West). I'll friend you on Ravelry so we can be in touch that way, too!