Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We're back!

At least, I think so.

It was a very hot summer here in the mid-Atlantic area, and although knitting continued, energy for blogging was in short supply. The scarf-a-month project languished, for both of us. There was a successful afghans for Afghans drive, some birthday presents got finished, and now we're looking forward to cooler weather (I saw leaves fall off the trees this morning) and the best of all outdoor knitting weather -- that temperature when you need a sweater but you can still go barefoot.

For those of us who loved school, Labor Day and September are always another chance to start over. So here's my secondary New Year's resolution -- post on this poor lonely blog at least once a week.

Next week is Knitters' Day Out, a wonderful small day-and-a-half gathering in central Pennsylvania. I love the small festivals, especially the vendors. You can find so many local companies that you wouldn't run across any other way. (Bearlin Acres, I'm looking at you!)

(Oh -- and I'm going to have to do a whole lot of reading if I expect to finish War and Peace by October 1.)

Pictures in the next post -- they are all in the phone, and that's downstairs, and if I get up I won't come back to this desk, where I really need to be right now.

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  1. Welcome back! And have a great time at KDO!! Wish I could be there too...