Thursday, August 30, 2012

summer socks

I have a friend who (1) lives several hundred miles from here, in New England (in other words, where winters are colder) and (2) wears size 6 shoes, which means that each sock I knit for her (individual sock, that is; double that for a pair) requires approximately 768 fewer stitches than those I knit for myself. Surprise! She gets a lot of socks. Here is this year's harvest:

left to right: Drops Fabel 542; Drops Fabel 330; Opal 2806 (from the Antonia series)

Now I can pick up some of the other socks -- yes, I confess, plural -- that were put aside while I raced to the August 27 deadline. There is some hope that I may finish a couple of pairs for myself before the next gift-giving occasion rushes in.

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  1. Nice photo, but they are even more beautiful in person! Thanks again.....