Saturday, February 15, 2014

A 4-Thumb Night

With as much snow as we've had here in Southeastern Pa this past month, I've been trapped in the house surprisingly often.  This has forced me to read a great many books as well as watch some interesting Netflix shows, play with my camera and knit.  So far this week alone I've knit three pairs of mittens.  I showed a pair yesterday for Valentines Day but hadn't done the thumbs on the other two pairs.  Thumbs tend to be so fiddly that I put them off and then what happens but you've got a bunch of that kind of work to do all piling up.  Argh... the life of a snowbound knitter!

As we settled in last night to watch the first episode of the second season of House of Cards I forced myself to knit those thumbs.  I whipped out three thumbs in an hour, a thumb every 20 minutes seems reasonable but is actually sort of slow as it's just not much knit fabric.  With picking up, knitting-in-the-round on a very few stitches and then the decreases and finishing in the threads, it just takes awhile.  On top of all that I had to wait to complete thumb four as we watched a foreign film (Haute Cuisine).  I couldn't fiddly about with a thumb while reading the subtitles.  I guess I'm a good knitter just not a great knitter.

These mittens were knit using Elizabeth's Pattern, size 7 needles and Andes 100% wool yarn.  We are planning on sending these mittens to the Maine Mitten Project unless something more urgent arises.  These photos are pre-wash and blocking.  Knitting buddies, stop giving me the Edvard Munch Scream look, I know, I'll go do it now!

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