Monday, February 3, 2014


I had yarn left over from the silly hats I made for Christmas presents. I decided to use it up by making more stripey hats to give away:

I had very little left of any of the colors when I finished -- in fact, I had to rip out the green and purple hat several times before I engineered the stripes in such a way that they'd reach all the way to the end.

The yarn was thinner than I'd like -- the hats are bound for Maine so I wanted them to be very warm -- so I held the yarn double. With a cast-on of 72 stitches the knitting went quickly. But this is what confronted me after that!

It felt like weaving in the ends took as long as the actual knitting. Whenever I try to carry the yarn up when I am making stripes, it looks bad and feels lumpy, so this is what I had to do. (Yes, there was one more hat -- the Mission Falls colors seen upper left -- but (1) it refused to give me a decent photograph and (2) it's been claimed by a member of this household.)

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