Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Blues

No, no, no -- I've always loved my birthday. But April is my birthday month, so I get to pick the color. Perhaps you think I don't have much blue sock yarn? (Sorry, Linda, hope you're sitting down.)

3500 g right there, and I know there's more in Deep Stash. My aunt always said the family motto was "Any color as long as it's blue." You'll notice that many of those blues look quite similar -- in my defense, I plead that the texture varies quite a bit.

Pat, Lisa, Linda, Michaela: let me know if there are any that strike your fancy, and they're yours!

Semifinalists (narrowed down from 35 to 12):

The Final Four: Ray at Knitivity; Black Bunny Fibers; The Woolen Rabbit; Artyarns Supermerino


  1. Can a riot of colors be something else than red? in this case, what a fabulous, happy riot of blue yarns! I love how well they get along with the happy striped tablecloth too. Kaffe would too!
    And the blogger in me wants to know if you had to climb a tall ladder to capture it all so gloriously.
    Happy birthday month!

  2. Well, it's only because we changed our schedule to accommodate A4A that I didn't have to confess to my holdings in the Red family. . .February was initially scheduled to be a Red month.

    I stood on a picnic cooler -- it's a little-kid-sized picnic table, so that was high enough.


  3. I'm sure i left a comment here earlier on, wonder if I've done it wrong - again! Anyway, as I said, that is some serious stash - and my husband says I have a problem - can't wait for him to see this picture! I wonder if you've decided on the yarn - personally I'd go for the Woolen Rabbit skein - always have loved variegated yarn. What pattern are you doing?

  4. Oh Elizabeth, what can I say?
    Your massive stash takes my breath away.
    Red, green, hot dog, or blue,
    Life's that much better 'cause of sock yarn and you.

    P.S. I vote for the Woolen Rabbit or the Black Bunny!

  5. Wow, that's the most blue yarn I've ever seen! I'm glad to hear you chose the Woolen Rabbit, it's lovely. Linda - nice poem.