Friday, April 26, 2013

March Hat

Note to self: Publish your hats when you finish them!!  Don't wait till your four long, cold, dreary, winter months behind...don't be so darn foolish.

OK, here's my March Hat for our 13 hats in 2013 project.  Yes, Elizabeth, I'm still knitting my hats!

This hat started out life as one of those scrunchy hats the kids are wearing now...but soon I made "adjustments" to the pattern.  Yep, thinking for myself is a long shot, design/knit without pattern, without a swatch, without writing anything down is a bad idea.  I glanced at several patterns, made some mental adjustments and started knitting.  Anyhow this one isn't really scrunchy but it's warm and it's a hat!  It looks cute on Glass Head...I  guess it's OK but I'm not in love with it, fair enough?

BTW, how do you get the text and the pics the blog entry looks cuter?

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