Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clown Barf?

 Elizabeth asked me about how the Socks That Rock yarn was knitting up and what I thought of the color and when I complained she asked if it looked like clown barf...I think that's a fair description.  This colorway; Fairgrounds,doesn't have any light, light colors or any dark, dark colors, just very pretty mid-tones.  Just one very dark or light color running through the skein would make the entire colorway pop but instead the pinks and oranges fade into one another creating a muddy looking color similar to a hot dog.  There's nothing super exciting going on within my socks.

 The yarn itself is really nicely spun and knits up beautifully.  No splitting, no poorly spun stretches, excellent yarn.  I'm using my toe-up cast-on then Cat Bordhi's Houdini Sock construction with minor changes by me.  One of my changes is to knit in some waste yarn where I want to open up the ankle of the sock.



  1. I love the colours - they don't look anything remotley like any sort of barf I've ever seen (I work with little children so have seen lots of the stuff!). But then I've never seen a clown's...

  2. "Clown barf"? "A hot dog"? Niiiice. Actually, Pat, I like the colorway very much. It's pretty without being too sweet, and (IMHO) the turquoise pops nicely from the oranges and pinks. Makes me think of clear turquoise water along a tropical beach lined with bright flowers.