Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Centerpull Balls...March Sock Knitting

Elizabeth assures me that it is OK to wind my March yarn in February.  I love to wind the yarn, it's peaceful, easy and no real thinking is involved.  I'm using Medium weight Socks That Rock yarn...can't remember the colorway but I will look for the label.  I believe it's prettier in the ball than in the skein.


Winding center-pull yarn balls is an individual endeavor, my mother doesn't do it the same way I do and my grandma had yet another way to do it.  I use a pill bottle, I shove the yarn end into the bottle and put the cap back on.  I wrap the yarn around the outside of the bottle, a few wraps and then turn, a few more wraps and then turn.  My kids tell me, I wrap five times before I turn each time and that I count under my breath...I'm not sure that's true.  The pill bottle gives the yarn plenty of room to expand, yarn does love breathing room.

My goal, my mom's goal and even my grandmom's goal is a nice round ball with the yarn coming from the center.  I think I've succeeded.

If you are wondering about the postal scale; I divide my yarn when I ball it - half and half for both socks...then I knit.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous colours. So bright and jolly, looking forward to seeing how these progress.

  2. That Michaela up there, she told me I had to come read this (obviously ;-) non-competitive sock-knitting blog. 'Tis her fault I shall now be stalking you!

    (as to why it is called Christmas balls - are Santa's elves singing a little higher just now??)